Sinuston 2018


On 28th October 2018 the EOC played at the annual Sinuston Festival in Magdeburg, Germany.

The concert consisted of three graphical notation pieces by Cornelius Cardew, Henrik von Coler and Robert Stokowy (of which the latter was a premiere).


"Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew (1963 - 1967)

"Discount" by Henrik von Coler (2017)

"Coffee Rings" by Robert Stokowy (2018)


  • Andrea Lange (Modular Synthesizer, Tape)

  • Andreas Schuller (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Anyere Bendrien (Modular Synthesizer)

  • David Runge (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Henrik von Coler (Mixing, Spatialization)

  • Jonas Margraf (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Klaus Scheuermann (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Pascal Staudt (Push Pull)

  • Paul Schuladen (Tech, Recording)

  • Robin Burke (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Rodrigo Sena (Modular Synthesizer)

Media Coverage

“Uniorchester unter Strom” – SWR2 Cluster. Das Musikmagazin (German)

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Broadcast about the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg, featuring Henrik von Coler, Jonas Margraf and Pascal Staudt.

Aired: 2018-07-16 15:05 on SWR2