On 26th October the EOC will perform at PACT Zollverein, Bullmannaue 20a, 45327 Essen.
The concert is part of the Late Night Concert & DJ Session programme of the festival NOW! Transit and will start at 21:30.


"Blodgett" by Robert Stokowy (2019)

"Discount" by Henrik von Coler (2017)

"S-Tog" by Mark Applebaum (1991)

"Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew (1963 - 1967)

"Heavy Rotations" by Henrik von Coler (2019)


  • Andrea Lange (Modular Synthesizer, Tape)

  • Andreas Schuller (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Anyere Bendrien (Modular Synthesizer)

  • David Runge (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Henrik von Coler (Mixing, Spatialization)

  • Jonas Margraf (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Klaus Scheuermann (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Matt Hughes (3D Animation)

  • Miriam Siebenst√§dt (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Paul Schuladen (Tech, Recording)

  • Robin Burke (Modular Synthesizer)