Kontakte 2019


On 26th September the EOC performed at AdK, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin.
The concert was part of the late night programme of the festival Kontakte 2019 within the Month of Contemporary Music and starts at 22:30.
It premiered Robert Stokowy's piece "Blodgett", an adaption of S-tog by Mark Applebaum and an interpretation of the classic graphical score Treatise (1963-1967) by Cornelius Cardew.
For this concert the EOC teamed up with the Sydney-based visual artist Matt Hughes, to generate a highly integrated audiovisual concept.
INM posters with DISCOUNT graphics


"Blodgett" by Robert Stokowy (2019) (Premiere)

"Discount" by Henrik von Coler (2017)

"S-Tog" by Mark Applebaum (1991)

"Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew (1963 - 1967)

"Heavy Rotations" by Henrik von Coler (2019)


  • Andrea Lange (Modular Synthesizer, Tape)

  • Andreas Schuller (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Anyere Bendrien (Modular Synthesizer)

  • David Runge (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Henrik von Coler (Mixing, Spatialization)

  • Jonas Margraf (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Klaus Scheuermann (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Matt Hughes (3D Animation)

  • Paul Schuladen (Tech, Recording)

  • Robin Burke (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Rodrigo Sena (Modular Synthesizer)