Artisten-Halle 2019


On 8th March 2019 the EOC played at the Artisten-Halle, Berlin on their (surprisingly bassy) eight-channel speaker system. The evening was shared with solo performances by AA..LL, 1)3\/1532 and TRUMMERSCHLUNK.


"Heavy Rotations" by Henrik von Coler (2019)

"Coffee Rings" by Robert Stokowy (2018)


  • Andrea Lange (Modular Synthesizer, Tape)

  • Andreas Schuller (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Anyere Bendrien (Modular Synthesizer)

  • David Runge (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Henrik von Coler (Mixing, Spatialization)

  • Jonas Margraf (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Klaus Scheuermann (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Paul Schuladen (Tech, Recording)

  • Robin Burke (Modular Synthesizer)

  • Rodrigo Sena (Modular Synthesizer)