EOC Performing "Body Sounds"

EOC Performing "Bodysounds"

  • 05.03.2022, 20:00

  • ACUD MACHT NEU: Veteranenstraße, 10119 Berlin

  • Free admission

Bodysounds is an ongoing audiovisual collaboration between Jean P’ark and Astra Pentaxia, exploring the interviewee*s favourite sound, which they make using only their body. In an adopotion for the EOC, these sound samples will be used for real-time processing and combined with modular synths, accompanied by live-visuals generated from the recorded video material. The resulting audiocisual experience - part concert, part installation - reveals an intimate perspective on human the body and the sounds related to it. The performance is part of the TU Studio event Making Things Audible.


Copyright: Astra Pentaxia