Curt-Sachs-Saal 2018


12 electronic and electroacoustic instruments, live spatialized on large multichannel speaker system – the Electronic Orchestra Charlottenburg (EOC), a project of the Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin, explores means of organizing and spatializing the seemingly infinite diversity of electronic sounds in a larger ensemble.

EOC in concert.

EOC in concert, 2018-02-10 at Curt-Sachs-Saal, SIM (Photo by Jörg Riehle)

EOC during rehearsals.

EOC Dress Rehearsal, 2018-02-10 at Curt-Sachs-Saal, SIM (Photo by Jörg Riehle)

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"Metaphysics of Notation" by Mark Applebaum (2008)


"Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew (1963 - 1967)


"Discount" by Henrik von Coler (2017)


[1] (1, 2, 3) Dummy head recordings, mixed with synthesized binaural mix from the original speaker signals.


  • Andreas Schuller (Modular Synthesizer)
  • Anyere Bendrien (Modular Synthesizer)
  • Canberk Turan (Digital Effects)
  • David Runge (Modular Synthesizer)
  • Fabian Werfel (Effects/ Feedback System)
  • Henrik von Coler (Mixing, Spatialization)
  • Jonas Margraf (Modular Synthesizer)
  • Juan Song (Guqin)
  • Klaus Scheuermann (Modular Synthesizer)
  • Lucas Weidinger (Modular Synthesizer)
  • Nicole Lujan (Processed Recordings)
  • Pascal Staudt (Push Pull)
  • Paul Schuladen (Tech, Recording)
  • Viktor Schlüter (Analog Synthesizer)

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